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Laboratory Urine Test

Chiefland Health Center

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The proteins, blood cell content, color, and opacity of your urine can tell your physician a lot about your health. Located in Ocala and Chiefland, Florida, Chiefland Health Center offers laboratory urine tests to diagnose and monitor diseases. The skilled team helps you interpret your results as soon as possible and can tell you whether or not you’ll need additional tests. To schedule your next laboratory urine test, call Chiefland Health Center or request an appointment online today.


Lung Diseases Q & A

What is a laboratory urine test?

A laboratory urine test, or urinalysis, is a lab test that examines components within your urine. Urination is one of the ways your body expels waste products from your blood. The components of your urine can give you and your provider lots of valuable information about your health and current body functioning. 

Many diseases affect the way your body processes nutrients and removes waste. By evaluating what’s in your urine, your provider can make or confirm an accurate diagnosis and plan a suitable treatment for your condition. 

What can laboratory urine tests show?

Urinalysis can contribute to diagnoses for various diseases. There are many reasons why you might need a urinalysis, including:

  • Identifying drugs like opioids, marijuana, steroids, and other substances
  • Identifying a pregnancy
  • Diagnosing conditions of the urinary system (e.g. kidney disease, urinary tract infection)
  • Diagnosing metabolic conditions (e.g. diabetes)
  • Monitoring the progress of conditions during treatment
  • Checking your overall health 

Drug tests and pregnancy tests are a bit different from other urinalysis tests because they look for components that aren’t identified with a standard urinalysis test, like hormones and trace amounts of drugs. Standard urinalysis tests evaluate the appearance and concentration of your urine as well as the protein content, blood cells, and other components. 

What should I expect during my laboratory urine test?

When you come to Chiefland Health Center for a laboratory urine test, the process is simple and requires some participation on your part. The team gives you simple instructions that are easy to follow, as well as a sterile container for your urine sample before letting you into a private restroom. 

First, you should thoroughly wash your hands and clean your genital area with a wipe. You should start urinating into the toilet before placing the open container under the stream to catch a sample. This is called the clean catch method and is standard for urinalysis. Whatever you do, you should avoid touching and contaminating the inside of the container.

You should close the container before turning it in. There may be a small door inside the bathroom where you can place the container, or you may give it directly to your physician according to their instructions. Of course, you should wash your hands thoroughly before handing off the container. 

What happens when I get my results?

As soon as your results become available, usually a few days after your test, you’ll follow up with the team at Chiefland Health Center to review the findings. If they detect anything unusual or abnormal, they’ll help you interpret what the results might mean. 

Since a urinalysis alone can’t diagnose a condition definitively, they might refer you for other tests like metabolic panels or laboratory blood tests. 

To schedule your next laboratory urine test or confirm a referral, call Chiefland Health Center or request an appointment online today.