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Renal Artery Ultrasound


Renal Artery Ultrasound

A renal artery ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of your renal arteries. These arteries supply oxygenated blood to your kidneys. This test helps to detect blockages or narrowing of the arteries.

Common reasons for ordering this test are:

  • high blood pressure
  • abdominal bruit (abnormal sound)
  • previous kidney problems.


  • 1) Pre-procedure Instructions 

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your exam.  Take any morning medications with small sips of water. If you are diabetic, do not take your insulin or pills on the morning of the exam. Wear a two-piece outfit (no dresses).

  • 2) During the Ultrasound 

You will lie on your back with your abdomen exposed.  A gel will be applied to your abdomen, and an ultrasound  transducer (a small, hand-held wand) will be pressed rubbed across your abdomen  in order to obtain images of your blood vessels. You may be asked to lie on each side to obtain images of the kidneys.   You should not feel any major discomfort during a renal artery ultrasound.  Some slight discomfort is occasionally felt from the pressure of the transducer on your abdomen. A renal artery ultrasound generally takes 45 minutes to complete

  • 3) Post Procedure

After your ultrasound is complete, you may wipe the gel off and return to normal activities. Before you leave, you will be scheduled to receive your results from your physician.



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