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Membership Plans



Decrease the Cost of Your Next Doctor Visit


Get unlimited Urgent Care and Primary Care services and other perks with a membership. Medical membership is a program designed to reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare costs.  It is NOT a health insurance policy.  Designed for the Uninsured or if you have High-Deductible health insurance.

Chiefland Health Center (CHC) is a convenient one-stop medical center located near you.  We bring you Medical Membership program designed for your family to get well and stay healthy for less.

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  • This is not a health insurance plan. It is not intended to replace your insurance plan.
  • Open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reduced hours on some major holidays.
  • $20 per visit, will include evaluation by a medical provider and treatment.
  • Unlimited visits and urgent care services
  • Membership includes periodic basic routine blood work and X-Rays for health maintenance.
  • All Imaging and laboratory services are discounted for 10-40%
  • Limited membership slots

Corporate and Family Membership

If you have no insurance or a high-deductible insurance with any health plan, you and your family may want to become members and enjoy the discounted rate of $20 per visit, without billing your health plan. Our objective is to keep you healthy and save your health insurance for costly major medical needs.

Employers may wish to add membership as a supplement to help reduce medical care costs, lower insurance premiums, minimize insurance claims and keep employees healthy. 


Membership Fees: 

 $50/month/person—family or business group of 3+ : Annual fee: $600
 $60/month/person—family or group of 2 : Annual fee: $1440
 $70/month/person—single person. : Annual fee: $840

A 5% discount will be applied if paid in cash. A 4% charge will be applied to Credit card when paid by a credit card.

Registration and Initial Evaluation: $250. Includes Evaluation by Physician, EKG, CXR and basic labs (CMP, CBC, HBA1C, TSH, Lipids and Urine analysis. There will be an additional charge for any additional test ordered by the physician as indicated. This is a onetime fee at enrollment in the plan. Evaluation does not guarantee enrollment and no refunds will be given if deemed unsuitable for membership plans.

All Membership plans will require Annual commitment. 

All plans will need a onetime initial evaluation and registration to determine suitability for membership plans. Membership plans are not intended for Medicare patients. They are also not intended for complex medical conditions requiring intensive medical management that is better done through primary care physicians and specialists. Membership plans are not offered and not suitable for individuals with Cancers, HIV, Renal failure on Dialysis, and similar conditions. A physician will evaluate you with a detailed history and physical examination, necessary blood work and other tests as needed, prior to enrolling in a membership plan. CHC Reserves the right to decline membership if deemed unsuitable for the patient.

Membership may be canceled for abuse or disrespectful behavior. Chiefland Health Center reserves the right to decline membership to any one without cause. Once enrolled in a membership plan the plan may be terminated with full refund if it is perceived that our objectives to keep patients in good health are a jeopardy either due to poor interactions or perceived difference of opinion, which occurs from time to time. Every effort will be made to honor the membership to deliver good and honest medical advice. 

Membership plans offer services limited to the facilities capabilities and anything out of the capabilities of CHC is not covered and there will be additional fees from other vendors or services.


No Insurance – Cash Only Medical Services

$119 per visit for:
Any illness or any injury evaluation and treatment
Includes all procedures performed in the clinic: Strep, urinalysis, x-ray, medications, etc.
If IV fluid or IV medication therapy is given or if Ortho-glass splinting is applied, additional $80 is due at the end of the service.

$199 per visit for:
Laceration repair, I&D abscess, any nail repair, any minor surgical procedure
Corneal foreign body removal
Splinting of sprain or fracture
Any illness or procedure visit that needs IV fluid or IV medication therapy

$70 per follow-up visit for:
Follow up of the same problem within 7 days – either instructed to follow up or for follow up due to failure to improve.
Follow up of fracture care for: re-xray, cast application, cast removal. $70 each time.
Follow up of sprain if not better or if radiologist calls a fracture.
Follow up of abscess, cellulitis, laceration repair needing IV or IM antibiotic.

Payment must be made at the time of service. Includes all procedures and treatment performed in After Hours Medical facilities. Any sent out labs or x-ray for reading will be at additional charges but at discounted prices.

It is Chiefland Health Centers policy not to discriminate anyone for any reason, other than their ability to provide the services offered. This membership program will be limited to the capabilities of the Chiefland Health Center.

Cancellation Policies:

Should you desire to cancel the membership plan at any time, following rule apply 

  • Any unused Membership plan can be cancelled for a full refund, prorated to the  of cancellation.
  • If the membership is cancelled after 2 or less clinic visits, the amount refunded will be after deducting the charges at ordinary rates applied to non-members.
  • If the member had any major procedure, the membership fee is non-refundable.



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