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The Benefits of an In-House Pharmacy


What Is a Walk-in Clinic?

Pharmacy services live at the heart of healthcare. In fact, many common diagnoses require important medication to manage effectively.

Integrated pharmacy services are a relatively young concept outside of a hospital setting. Patients and physicians alike are so used to the idea of dealing with an offsite pharmacy that the idea of prescriptions at the point of prescribing don’t even register.

What are point of care pharmacy services?

Chiefland Health Center offers a Dispensary – A small pharmacy located the location without a pharmacist located on-site. This pharmacy functions through a physician or clinic-dispensing model, rather than a pharmacy-dispensing model.

How does an in-house pharmacy solution impact patient care?

The true benefits of having an integrated point of care pharmacy solution are both numerous and incredible

Immediate Access to Medication?

immediate access to prescribed medication at the point of prescribing is a critical element of the success of treatment because it provides a unique opportunity for the doctor and patient to interact regarding the treatment.

  • Ability for the doctor to explain medication usage
  • Ability for the doctor to go over what to expect.
  • Ability for the patient to ask questions before taking drugs home.
  • Ability to dissuade any potential fears that the patient may have of medication regimen.
  • Ability for the doctor to see the patient leave their appointment with medication in hand

A patient may also be able to ask any questions they have before taking the medication home. This will lead to better adherence to their medication regimen, a better understanding of their medication and treatment, and therefore improved patient care overall.

They will leave their appointment with the correct treatment plan in place as well as peace of mind.

Overall Improved Patient Adherence

When a patient leaves the facility with instructions to pick up their prescription at an offsite location, physicians can’t always be sure that they are going to follow the treatment advice. They can put it off, forget, make excuses, or simply forget.

With an in-house pharmacy solution, doctors will be able to see their patients leave the facility with their medication in hand and be confident that their adherence is off to a good start.

Improved Doctor-Patient Relationships

Helps improve doctor-patient relationships, medical professionals need a deeper understanding of the underlying patient experience within their facility.

Patients want to feel important and understood, so taking a patient-centered approach is key. Many decisions are not made with the patient’s perspective in mind, and this can hinder the relationship with the patient.

By putting the patient at the center of every decision made, we can improve your outcomes. In-house pharmacy solutions can improve patient experience by providing them with medications directly on site in a matter of minutes. Patient wait times can sometimes be substantial at a traditional pharmacy, and hearing a patient complain about a delay or wait time is common.

Our onsite pharmacy, at the point of care can significantly reduce your wait times, as well as allowing you start your treatment early. We are able tto fill up to 75% of your subscriptions on site in less time than a traditional pharmacy.


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