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Laboratory Blood Tests

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The results of a laboratory blood test give you and your physicians valuable information about organ functioning, cardiac health, or the efficacy of a certain treatment. At Chiefland Health Center in Ocala and Chiefland, Florida, the experienced team helps you interpret your results and can tell you what they mean for your prognosis. To schedule a laboratory blood test, call either office or request an appointment online today.


Laboratory Blood Tests Q & A

What are laboratory blood tests?

Laboratory blood tests are diagnostic tests that evaluate the content within a small sample of your blood, directly from a vein. There are several types of laboratory blood tests, each providing different collections of information:

Complete blood count

Complete blood count tests show the concentration of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, and other normal components. They can help diagnose anemia, infections, and immune disorders. 

Metabolic panels

A metabolic panel is a laboratory blood test that shows the concentration of calcium, glucose, and electrolytes. It helps your physician evaluate the health of certain organs and tissues. 

Blood enzyme tests

Blood enzyme tests check for signs of heart attack. They identify troponin, a muscle protein that rises in your system during a heart attack, and creatine kinase, a blood product that rises when you damage your heart muscle. 

Heart disease blood tests

These blood tests specifically focus on components of your blood that could indicate heart disease or a risk for it. They include cholesterol counts and triglycerides. You can also get a blood clotting test that can show if you’re prone to blood clots or excessive bleeding based on the proteins within your blood. 

What is the purpose of a laboratory blood test?

The team at Chiefland Health Center can provide laboratory blood tests to serve a number of diagnostic and evaluation purposes. You might need a laboratory blood test to:

  • Diagnose a disease
  • Assess your risk for diseases
  • Track your treatment progress
  • Evaluate organ functioning

A blood test can also show how well your blood itself functions. Certain components in your blood play a major role in the healing process and can stop you from healing effectively if they’re out of balance. Others can cause your blood to clot, which can lead to major complications like pulmonary embolism or stroke. 

What should I expect during a laboratory blood test?

The team at Chiefland Health Center makes the process of getting a blood draw for a laboratory blood test as simple as possible for you. The whole appointment should take only a few minutes, and you won’t have to take steps to prepare in the hours or days before the test in most cases. Sometimes, you might have to fast for 8-12 hours. 

The team might place a band around your arm to make your veins more prominent before drawing a blood sample. They clean your skin before inserting a needle into one of your veins. The needle is attached to a test tube, which seals automatically when your provider removes it. 

If you’re squeamish around needles, your provider can take steps to distract you during the process. You can go right back home or even back to work after the test, and you’ll get your results within a few days. 

To schedule your next laboratory blood test for any purpose, call Chiefland Health Center or request an appointment online today.